If you’re receiving this, that means you sent a message saying you’re interested in helping Telethon out with our new music video. First off, Thanks!!!!! You’re awesome!!!!!!!!! Second off, don’t feel obligated to do this if it seems like too much work or not fun or whatever.



So here’s the deal:

The second single from our upcoming album “Hard Pop” is going to drop May 31st. The song is called “Youdon’tinspiremelikeyouusedto” & you can download it in MP3 format right here! ****


This probably goes without saying but PLEASE don’t share the song with anyone!!! You’re part of an ELITE CLUB if you’re getting this instructional document and plus it’ll ruin the fun surprise


Do feel free to hype the new song though, on twitter or to your friends or whatever. Be vague and flaunt your secret elite status. Use the hashtag #ydimlyut , LOL.


Okay, now the video idea:

We were thinking it would be fun if we did a classic ‘sign flipping’ lyric video a la Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues” (an all-american classic; so iconic; this dylan guy ain’t bad) but crossed-pollinated with Limp Bizkit’s “Break Stuff” (lots of people! being wacky! so random!) and the more recent PUP video “Free At Last” (beautiful crowdsourcing & beautiful execution, baby). Essentially it’s gonna be a compilation montage of all of our lovely friends [y’all] as well as us [Telethon] all going through the lyrics of the song in neat places.


Basically, all we need you to do is:


  1. Write the lyrics to the song on pieces of paper

    • All the lyrics are at the bottom of this document

    • One line, or part of a line, per sheet.

    • Preferably kinda big paper if you got some

    • Gotta write the words real big too because they need to be visible on camera!

    • I guess it doesn’t HAVE to be paper???? We’re open to creativity!


  1. Film yourself or somebody else (or even a group of people), in a place, flipping through the lyrics in time with the song

    • Exactly like the Bob Dylan video I linked above, basically, easy peasy

    • Feel free to get creative with how you do it, if you want. Like if you want to act out the lyrics, or like, use props or whatever. Again, we’re open to anything.

    • All we ask is that you keep the camera still and make sure the words are legible on camera. We don’t need you to have a super good camera, but please don’t use your webcam.

    • Try to do it in a place that has some level of visual interest to it, like… your backyard, your street, your uncle’s rec room, your cubicle, Central Park, Central Perk, Disneyland… If everyone does it in their bedrooms it might not be too exciting. Make sure we can see what the location is!


  1. Send us your video by the end of Monday, May 27th.

    • We gotta cut it off at that point so we can, y’know, actually make tha video.

    • Send it to

    • Or if it’s easier, text it to me (kevin) at 262-325-5081


A couple more important things:


1. You totally don’t have to do the entire song! We realize that’s a lot to write out. So, if you want to just do a short section, or a couple sections, that’s perfectly fine!!! Although if you want to do the whole song, that’s great too.

Bottom line, the more footage we have to work with, the better. When we edit the video, we’re going to be cutting them up and only use bits & pieces of each. So, more bits & pieces = more to work with. Make sense?


​ All that said, we will work really really hard to make sure that everyone who sends us a video gets featured at least once. Not a 100% promise I guess but we are going to try as hard as we possibly can.

4. For the instrumental portions of the song, we have plans for what we wanna do already, but do feel free to rock out during those parts (whatever that means) IF that’s your style... but don’t worry about it if not.


5. AGAIN, WE ARE OPEN TO CREATIVITY! If you want to do something different and you think it will look cool, by all means go ahead.



THANK YOU AGAIN EVERYONE. PLEEEEASE MESSAGE US IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS! (you have my number now too, if you wanna text. please don’t call me without warning though -- i get very spooked when unknown numbers call me)


Love <3

Kevin & the rest of Telethon



“Youdon’tinspiremelikeyouusedto” by Telethon


Sweating buckets, shortness of breath

job secure but there's an itch i gotta scratch

sensation's post-vacation

craving novel stimulation


no one asks or knows they should

worst part is knowing if you asked them then they would

but your head's down, and you're nodding,

tell your reflection that it's stalling


always a chance that the plane's going down

and you won't get where you're going

what all that daytime TV’s been telling you

is spinning gears, no use, validating rumors


you don't inspire me like you used to

you don't inspire me like you used to

and i didn't sign up for any of this.

Well, you don't inspire me like you used to do

Don’t inspire me like you used to do


"take more time out to note all the victories"

"yeah, but doc, imagine moving to the beach!

I don't mean actually on the beach,

but somewhere there's ocean, at least, nearby

what a life that could be"

the envy of my former colleagues

pictures of sunsets from branches of palm trees

highways'd part on sight of the RV

I live in, what's the limit?


fleeting at best, oo, it fleeted away

floor of the ashtray by the end of the day

way home, lost the key to the lock on my lockbox

rammed an elbow straight through a plate glass window


you don't inspire me like you used to

you don't inspire me like you used to

oh, i didn't sign up for any of this

Well, you don't inspire me like you used to do

Don’t inspire me like you used to do

Don’t inspire me like you used to do


Never wonder how the story breaks down

The Story’s up to you

Never wonder how nor why you break down

It’s all a part of you

(repeat until ending instrumental breakdown)