Telethon consists of five ugly boys who make ugly music.

Telethon, the band.

(From left to not-left: a Urinal, Kevin, Jack, Alex, Gene/Nate, Erik) 

They hail from Delavan, WI : Home of Gary Burghoff, who played Radar on M*A*S*H. It's a very pleasant place full of 8,500 very pleasant people.

The band formed in December 2014 when everybody came home from wherever they lived over Christmas break. During this time, they recorded their debut LP "Witness" in the basement of a University of Whitewater library. It was fun. It was snowing much of time. Death by motor vehicle very nearly happened on numerous occassions and a lot of diet soda was consumed. 

Artist's depiction of the recording location of "Witness"

The AirBnb apartment wherein Telethon stayed during the "Citrosis" recording process. (Not pictured: penetrating odor of sweaty man aggregate)

After playing some shows and a couple months of writing/ruminating upon tuneage , the Telethon band embarked on a journey to Palo Alto, CA to record their second full-length "Citrosis" at the Atomic Garden Recording Studio with Jack Shirley. During the recording period, the boys rented an Airbnb apartment wherein they watched "Clifford" starring Charles Grodin and Martin Short, ate peanuts, played hella b-ball, and marinated in their own filth for almost a week!


Hover over each boy for a fun fact!

Kevin Tully
Gene Nate Johnson Jacket
Alex Meylink
Erik Atwell
Jack Sibilski



Birthed 4/28/91


Lead vocals, lyrixx, rhythm guitar


GENE "Nate Johnson" JACKET

Birthed 7/10/90


Keyed Instruments




Birthed 6/13/90


Bass Guitar



Birthed 4/9/92





Birthed 1/4/92


Lead Guitar

Adam Duritz

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i'm feeling lucky