HELLO! 👋👋👋

Welcome to the official website of the band Telethon (from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA). 


We make hard pop music on Take This To Heart Records & Halloween Records 

We used to have a funny website that looked old & ugly.... on purpose!!! That website, unfortunately, proved impossible to keep maintained. The price of fun proved high, and we are no longer willing to pay it 😔

🎵🎵🎵  If you want to hear or buy our music: our BandCamp page is the most direct way to do it. We're also on Spotify & Apple Music & YouTube whatever other streaming platform you use.

📅📅📅  If you want to see upcoming tour dates: Go to our SongKick calendar, which we try to keep super duper up-to-date *crossing fingers*

👄👄👄 If you want to engage with us, y'know, socially: We're very active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Or feel free to email us anytime at telethonband@gmail.com.

🛒🛒🛒 If you want to buy physical merchandise from us: Do it on BandCamp (click the 'Merch' tab)

📰📰📰 Press stuff???: Email Jamie Coletta at jamie@noearbuds.com

👴👵 And, hey, if you want to see the old website in all its unsustainable glory, it's still right here, sweet child. Just remember it's completely out-of-date L.O.L.